A graphic adventure starring Harry Potter


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Warthogs is a point and click graphic adventure where you play as Larry Lotter (a 'store brand' version of Harry Potter, hero of the books of the same name) who needs to perform as best he can in his school exams.

Your adventure will also introduce you to other unofficial versions of characters like Snape, Dumbledore, Hermione, and Ron Weasley. You can talk to all of them and choose what to say from different dialog options. And, each line has been performed by voice actors.

Like in any graphic adventure worth its salt, Warthogs requires you to investigate different scenes and talk to different characters to advance the story. You'll also have access to different spells that you will need to use to solve puzzles.

Warthogs is a really entertaining graphic adventure that is sure to please fans of Harry Potter, since it's a fun story starring some of those famous characters.
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